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Samuell McKenzie

The Producer, Writer and Director of "All About The McKenzies",-  much can be found on Samuell on the "All About Samuell Benta" page, click here to view.

How did you get involved with “All About The McKenzies”?

I had the idea in late 2010 and took action to create the show.
What has your experience been like on the show?
Too much to say, it has been emotional, stressful, challenging, fun, exciting- pretty much every state of mind you could possibly think of. I would say though that it has proven a lot to me about my own capabilities, and at times of doubt I was soon later to realise that it only existed in my head! The cast and crew have been amazing and I have so much love for them and truly know that this show will boost wherever they are in their career, as long as they don’t forget that they are bound to this show for life hehe!

Explain your character.

Samuell McKenzie is a talented individual who wants to be at the height of his career by becoming a Hollywood A-List actor. He loves his family regardless of the different relationships; a granddad who is never on his side and defending the brat of the family “Angel”. He deeply still loves his ex even though they fight; he has been trying to get access to his child as his she won’t let him see her due to her own insecurities. Samuell has a lot of reflections of my own life which is why he’s so easy to play but for the sake of entertainment I have over exaggerated storylines, Samuell is me lol!

Who do you best get on with in the cast?

This is difficult to say because by being the producer and director of the show, it’s difficult to get to know cast on a personal level as I’m so busy rushed off my feet to have a conversation and chill out! Out of all the cast I have spoken to Ria more as we have similar interests and the same birthday lol! I love my cast in general but I don’t show any favouritism as I know what that’s like by being on other productions.

What would you like for you charcater in the future?

The good thing about being the writer is that I get to decide whatever I want. I don’t want to give away the end but Samuell will become a Hollywood A-List!

Other than yourself who’s your favourite character?

I love granddad but I also love Angel, even though as Samuell he dosen’t get along with her lol

Where do you see “yourself” in 10 years time?

I will be a Hollywood A-Lister with many projects of my own in the marketplace, plus with Myster?y Entertainment I will have established the Samuell Benta Studios and Myster?y Entertainment theme park.

Describe working with Samuell Benta…

Let’s just say working with myself can be very fun but it’s nice to have some company ;)


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