Raymond McKenzie

Sheldon Nicols

Raymond McKenzie

Sheldon has done a mixture of theater and TV work, most recent "Strippers: Cars for cash" which is on the National Geographic channel and a play called "Good Black Men & Good Black Women".

How did you get involved with “All About The McKenzies”?
I saw it posted on starnow, I auditioned and never got the part someone else did, then I got a call a few months later from Samuell saying that I got the part as the other actor moved country.

What has your experience been like on the show?
It’s been pleasurable.

Explain your character?
Very complexed, good family man, trys to be a good father and good husbcand whislt being ptrofessional in his professing. Has a tendency to grab the wrong end of the stick at times.

Who do you best get on with in the cast?
My wife Delia

What would you like for you charcater in the future?
To be promoted and be the man he deserves to be and get recognition for it.

Other than yourself who’s your favourite character?
This is hard to answer, they’re all great!

Where do you see” yourself” in 10 years time?
Being a professional actor and doing well in my profession

Describe working with Samuell Benta…
Interesting… very demanding….

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