Delia McKenzie

Fenella James

Delia McKenzie

They say that the best actors and actresses are either on stage or in court’.  Well Fenella did graduate in law many years ago, and now not only acts, but also sings professionally.  She also runs her own ‘Events Management’ business, organizing parties, weddings etc. under the name "Party Pixies" and has been doing this for a long time.  She has three children and never considered herself an actress, although her friends say “she’s been doing it naturally all her life”.  They also call her ‘Fun-Ella’ because she just loves to have fun.

How did you get involved with “All About The McKenzies”?
I saw an advert on ‘Starnow’ website, as I was looking for singing auditions.  I felt that the description of Delia was fitted me so well that I’d just play myself and I wouldn’t have to act at all.

What has your experience been like on the show?
It has been a great as I’d never really acted before, just sung on stage.  Everyone acts their character so well; I only know them in character.

Explain your character?
Delia McKenzie, loves her husband but is feeling slightly frustrated, after having 4 children  she would like to get back  her own identity and independence by opening up her own hair salon.   Her  husband, however  is somewhat controlling and would prefer her to just stay at home and take care of the family including her own father whose house they live in.  

Who do you best get on with in the cast?
I think I get on with everyone equally as well.

What would you like for you character in the future?
To see her business develop; get to see more of how she relates with the kids and to see the fun side of her, as she seems to be arguing a lot of the time, even though it is funny.

Other than yourself who’s your favourite character?  
Grandad.  He’s really funny.

Where do you see” yourself” in 10 years time?
No idea!  Where ever God puts me.

Describe working with Samuell Benta…
He’s extremely hardworking and knows exactly what he wants and how to get it, without being arrogant or cocky.  He’s very patient even when under huge pressure and allows us room for improvisation which is good for us.  He is extremely well talented and has achieved so much for his age.  Well Done!

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