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Ria horsford

Charlene McKenzie

Ria Horsford has a background in Musical theatre, appearing in lots of amateur productions such as "Godspell", "The House of Bernada Alba" and "Stepping Out". She also appeared in "Soul Sister" in 2012 as part of the original cast at the Hackney Empire. During a period of time she has also appeared in the theatre productions "Love is a Losing Game" and "Bag Ladies", sparking a firm interest in solely acting roles.

While she still loves the theatre, All About The Mckenzies has allowed her to reveal her more playful side as the role of Charlene, who is great fun to play and is in her own way…a challenge!

How did you get involved with “All About The McKenzies”?
I got involved with All About The Mckenzies when I applied for a role via Star Now a few years ago. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the audition when I was contacted by Samuell himself, and I didn’t hear anything after that as I thought I had missed out. But then due to unforeseen circumstances I had a second chance phone call when Samuell called the following year and asked if I would like to audition. So it was a great second chance for me.

What has your experience been like on the show?
My experience on the show has been a great one. I’ve had a lot of laughs and fun, I’ve learnt a lot and I’ve been able to experience a role that I could relax in as I didn’t find it as challenging a role as I have some others that I’ve experienced to date. I could just go easy on my self and enjoy the ride which was a nice change.

Explain your character?
 My character Charlene is a young girl still at school. She is quite ambitious and really wants to be a model. She really believes that she can be which in a way was really endearing because of this belief she has in her own ability, but at the same time she can be quite a handful when someone tells her she cant or goes against what she believes to be true. She’s quite naive in certain situations but in this series it’s nice that we get to see her more vulnerable side. She acts more how she really feels instead of how she thinks people want her to act which is great.

Who do you best get on with in the cast?
I got on very well with everyone to be honest, especially Jason aka Granddad because we have worked with each other on a few projects, most recently Soul Sister which was my first big professional musical theatre job, and he really helped with my confidence for which I will be forever grateful, but also Samuell. We clicked the day I went to audition for him and we actually realised we have the same birthdays which was crazy! We have a lot in common and his work ethic is really admirable.

What would you like for you charcater in the future?
I would love for Charlene to be in a great relationship where she gets to travel the world and be the model she wants to be. It would be nice to see her grow as a person and realise the potential inside.

Other than yourself who’s your favourite character?
Apart from my self…of course, Id have to say my favourite character was Granddad. He’s so witty but also has such a soft side and I feel a real affinity for him. He’s soooo funny and says how it is…he’s real!

Where do you see ”yourself” in 10 years time?
In ten years time I see myself living in Miami or another part of America, chilling in a great house by the beach, enjoying my life and acting for a living. Musical theatre, stage or screen, I can do it all, and I am determined to be making movements in the performance industry. I’d also like to set up a charity and travel the world helping others, spreading positivity, love and knowledge.

Describe working with Samuell Benta…
Working with Samuell was great fun. He’s a strong willed passionate person and it’s infectious at times. He’s focused and determined which is great and he believes in his work so working for him was a pleasure.

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