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Andre McKenzie

What started from working as a paper-round boy every day at 6am before school for three years, just to pay for his drama school tuition, Frankie Clarence has come a long way. He went from being a shy teenager to a establishing actor who has worked in numerous television shows, theater plays and movies during his time. The charismatic actor who is originally from South Africa speaks three fluent languages and is currently learning a forth in Spanish, has many actors who he is inspired by,the likes of Steve Buscemi, Gary Coleman, Mr Ibu and Shahid Kapoor are the actors who he hopes to imitate and work with in near future. The young actor just recently went on to graduate a honor degree in Journalism Kingston University.

How did you get involved with “All About The McKenzie’s”?
 A friend of mine at my university halls showed me a slide show that Samuell posted up on the internet and was so overwhelmed with what I saw I contacted him straight away, he didn’t seem enthusiastic or impressed with my call which I was surprised about just to notice at the time he had a random person calling him at 2am on a weekday.

What has your experience been like on the show?
Its been an experience that not only developed and helped me as an actor but as a person as well, i’ve learned many fundamentals of a sitcom and the bond and love between a family with individual dilemma’s

Explain your character?
Andre McKenzie is a very intelligent and intellectual person who inspires to make a change in a dying community. The brains of the family and the odd one out of the McKenzie’s, however he’s got a twist in character in which he is tired of being the nerd and wants to be the cool kid in school which doesn’t always go to plan.

Who do you best get on with in the cast?
I found everyone in front and behind the camera a second family in the All about the McKenzie’s production team

What would you like for you character in the future?
Hopefully finally breaking his ‘wanna-be-ganster’ acts and get himself a girlfriend


Other than yourself who’s your favourite character?
I’m a real fan of Delia McKenzie who is played by Fenella. I just love her energy and outlook on life and she manages to replicate that in her character and gives that little hook into the family which I absolutely adore


Where do you see” yourself” in 10 years time?
I don’t want to give myself a plan or what do to list. Being Roman Catholic I’m very religious, you can plan your life, but God will just laugh at it. So long I know personally I’m progressing as an actor and God is with me I am happy

Describe working with Samuell Benta…
His will and determination makes you do the same, and with them two attributes success will be awaiting

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