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Samuell benta is a 28yr old actor/writer/director of Jamaican/Antiguan heritage from London UK. From a very young age he has performed and taken part in many school productions but took acting seriously from the age of 17. Music has also been one of his passions with the rap alias “Myster?ous” but chose to pursue his acting career to focus on his vision. During his early teenage years, Samuell had his fair shares of run-ins with the law and has turned a new leaf for the better and made a commitment to himself to set a positive example for the younger generation.

Samuell BentaInspired by actors such as Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Martin Lawrence and Bruce Willis to name a few, he set himself on a mission to be the next box office king in Hollywood. His first ever TV debut was on ITV’s The Bill in 2005 which was his first experience on a film set, from this he knew that the entertainment industry was made for him. Shortly after he landed roles in top TV shows such as: BBC’s Silent Witness, Hotel Babylon, Doctors, The Cut, and was the first ever British actor to land a role in the hit kids franchise “Power Rangers Operation Overdrive” as the black ranger. This took Samuell to New Zealand for 7.5 months experiencing a different culture and discovering a new meaning to life where he learnt lots of life skills. Another  success was playing the role of “Donnie” in Eastenders E20 series 3 which is the spinoff of the Huge UK Soap Opera Eastenders. This series in particular aimed at societal issues with young people which harmonised with Samuell’s values as he himself wants a better abundant civilization.

Having toured many schools around the UK for the promotion of E20 it exposed him to more youth to shine his light. By being in film sets in general the talent of “directing” was discovered and he set to nurture it by studying a directors book and shadowing directors on Eastenders. He has been known to hold drama workshops and industry seminars to the youth and actors in general to pass down his knowledge of the industry. Now having a degree of influence amongst the youth of today he has gone out on his own into schools and done filming projects with students to produce thought provoking media that helps bridge the gap between the communication of student and teacher. Mr Benta represents the voice of the youth today and utilizes the media as the medium to reach out and make a positive change providing education and mixing it with entertainment.

Like any actor Samuell has had his fair share of down time where actors are not working so spends his time in personal development and studying the industry as a whole. Being a young person he wants to provide youth entertainment. By close observation he has noticed most young people are watching and listening to American material because there is “lack” of British entertainment that they can relate to (especially ethnic minorities) Samuell sought to change this by producing, writing and directing his own UK family sitcom “ALL ABOUT THE MCKENZIES” . To open doors for the unknown with the vision of having the show on TV internationally worldwide on multiple networks. All About The McKenzies is now on TV on the capital’s first TV station LONDON LIVE and was its first acquisition! Samuell is now seeking for more networks globally to broadcast the series letting the world know what Black Britain has to offer. 

As ambitious as he is it dosen’t stop with All About The McKenzies… 

Samuell BentaSamuell has many plans with Myster?y Entertainment to produce kids cartoons, films, TV shows and theatre plays. His ultimate goal is box office king in Hollywood knowing that along the way he has served the world with his products in the market that have made a dramatic and positive impact in the way the youth “think” and expanding their consciousness and providing them more acting job opportunities. He also intends to create and establish THE SAMUELL BENTA STUDIOS (TV/ Theater and Film Studios).


Samuell Benta has taken photos for Footlocker which are displayed all around the Footlocker shops in
Europe. See the collage below.

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Samuell has also acted in an ASOS commerical. Watch the video below.

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Samuell Benta is currently seeking representation.

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